October 2018 Newsletter:

Fall is quickly approaching us….

  • Please remember to mark all coats and clothing that comes to the day center as staff has a hard time deciding whose is whose sometimes.
  • Our fall Gala is October 12th if anyone is interested let me know. This year we are fundraising for an awning on our patio and for some music groups to come in and a paining instructor like we had before.
  • Please remember if your participant use incontinent briefs/supplies, check with staff to see if we need you to bring in more or just bring some in.
  • For Halloween we are doing a costume contest for participants, feel free to dress up.
  • We are also doing the pie fundraiser again, a campus contest, and we want to win, the pies cost 12.00 each and will be delivered on November 15th, orders must be in by October 31st.
  • We have apple orchard trips coming this month so watch the weather and dress appropriately.
  • If sick please stay home, when feeling better may do a makeup day when possible.